Friday, August 7, 2009

St. Anne Church 2009

**26th July 2009**

Wake up early today, 9am and it's Sunday
dear reached my place about 9.30am
my family members get ready and well prepared at 10am
then we make our move liao~

First, we stop at Green Lane McD for breakfast
tried their new hotcakes with butter and syrup
taste like pancakes, and indeed it is a pancake
a little too cold for the dish, should be prepared in hot
it does not suit the name pun 'HOTCAKES' =.=!!

11.30pm we start our journey to St. Anne Church
and reached at 12.30pm
a very very sunny day, it is HOT and BURNING !

Dad went to bought few boxes of candles while mom bought flowers
and i take capture how St. Anne looks like

This is the older church
we use to come over each year during St.Anne Annual Novena
and how does it look inside?
here you can see, the crowd

Over here, we'll light on the candles and give prayers
wish for want you want and hope it could be granted

On the other side, we got to see this big stone
with 10 commandments written on it

There's a stair case beside the big stone for us to go up
over there, there's also a candle stand for us to light up the candles
continue with the prayers that we wish to be granted

besides this, I've captured few more scene from there
just take a look =)

holy water from St. Anne

new church

Mother Mary sculpture water bottle

angel on the side of the entrance with blessing water

Last but not least, an holy angel guardian

May God bless everyone in this human grace

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bon Odori 2009

**18th July 2009**

Bon Odori held once again in Penang at Esplanade
Went along with him for the 2nd time

Leave home about 7.20pm
we reach there about 7.40pm without a parking lot
get to turn round and round to find a parking space
and while we get 1, it's already 8.30pm =.=!

Walk ourselves to the field and found something
As what we expected, the crowds !
full of peoples crowded along the stalls
to get their food purchased

We bought 2 booklet of coupons that cost RM20 each
then we walk around the crowded stall for food
due to the crowd, the atmosphere there were hot
and I'm sweating there, feel so uncomfortable lar..

Upon 10pm, like usual there's a fireworks ceremony
and we managed to get ourselves captured with the fireworks

how was it? nice shot?
Taken by him =)

We leave the place once the fireworks ceremony ends
get into our car about 10.30pm
but we got stuck in the traffic, actually not traffic pun
our car was still stuck on the parking lot
can't make any move from there cause the main road
was terribly jam all along the road

So, we take pictures lor =)

with the fan i bought there as a souvenir

At last, our car get the make some move on 11.30pm
we then rush to Gurney Plaza
met up my bro and his friends + Xiang + Thomas
dated them for Harry Potter at 11.50pm

After the movie, finally i get to go home
and it's about to strike 3am
phew, tiring~~

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Short Family Trip

11 July was a public holiday that falls on a Saturday
so most of the company will have a replacement holiday on
the coming Monday, 13 July 2009

Since there was an extra holiday for us
my bf's family decided to go all the way down to Genting Highland
and so, I have to skipped my Monday class on 13th =x

**12 July 2009**

Sunday morning, we went for our breakfast before our journey
make our move about 10am and reach about 3pm
cause we stop for lunch a while before we went up

When the moment we reach there, parking were full
there were limited spaces to park our car and we hardly found one
and while we walk in the hotel lobby even worst
full of people around waiting to check in with their rooms
and you know what, the number we took the get our rooms
it's about 800 more to go only reach out turn, damn~
Finally, we get our turn on 6pm, swt~~ 3 hours!
we check in our rooms, shower and take a rest
then we're heading to get our dinner

After dinner, there comes something interesting to me =)
I get to walk into the Casino, wooohoo~
walk in along with my bf's mom and sis
but I kena check IC, haiz..
walk in 10 times kena check 10 times =(

1st time I got to see the environment inside there
saw people around busying on their table with chips on it
find it interesting to see their expression

After studying and monitoring the way
how those games and bets were done
I make my move out and decided to come back later
because I have my part of assignment undone
so I have to walk up to our room to pick up my lappy and went to
Starbucks for their connection to continue my work

-conversation with Mel + Shivaa-

We have to take our seat outside because there's out of seats inside
and it's chilling here
babe was force to take a picture with me
see his face, suffering from cold =)
After finish this, we move ourselves to the Casino again =p
met his mom and sis inside, and we sat together
the table with the game " BIG & SMALL "
I din put any bets for that night, just studying how babe play

When the clock reach 3am, only we made our move back to our room
Luckily in the end, he managed to get himself won RM100
lucky for him that night, coz we don out on big bets

**13 July 2009**

Wake about 10.30am
get ourselves bath and get ready by 11.30am

then we pack our things to his parents room to meet them
check out our room about 12.30pm
kept everything inside the car

After that, took his niece & nephew to indoor theme park

here's our photo taken while queuing up for the musical horse ride
when they got up there

it's our turn to take our photos =D
our 1st time in Genting

after dropping them to their mom
we went in to the casino again =p

I try my luck for this time
took out RM50 and play quite a few rounds
not bad at 1st, very interesting for me to put on bets
but at last got to lose the RM50
still happy for it though i don win
experience ma, and still i will come for it someday

In the end, we make our move at 4.30pm
cause his sister and brother were not willing to leave the casino
hahaha~ none of us win that trip, only babe's mom =)

Anyway, still having fun for this short trip
will be coming back someday
for the casino

Rasa Sayang Buffet Dinner

6 July 2009

As usual, went for class
After that went for my team meeting with our client
for our ICP project

Started the meeting at 3pm due to our long lunch
and it took us about 3 hours to end it

so worried because my friend is going to pick me up at 6pm
I have to quickly rush home and get myself ready in time
luckily I managed to do so =)

Then we started our journey to the legendary
Rasa Sayang Hotel

The purpose we turn up ourselves there is
to have their precious and mouth tempting buffet

Foods over there were great and I've got most of the shots
and already posted in my Facebook

It can be say a little pricey to lots of you out there, so do I
but I went there when there's a big promo
and it cost only 50% for their normal rate
so quite worth for us to go for it

These are my friends that went along with me

Having buffet dinner once a year together is a must for us
as we had made it for a celebration of our friendship
and we wished that we'll get to try all of the hotel buffet
in Penang City